QC Haunted Forest: OUTBREAK

NOTICE: Due to the governor’s mandate, there is no hayrack as part of the experience this year. The forest continues to operate bigger and better than ever.

THE STORY: You are invited to a VIP only tour of the top secret QCHF International containment facility. QCHF has been performing genetic tests development of animal and human subjects in order to weaponize these beings for military use. Your visit starts with at outpost APL (in our main building) where you will be checked in and briefed. From there, you will walk to the outdoor gates of the 207N containment site. You will see first hand the amazing developments our team of scientists have made. That is until a security breach causes all hell to break lose. You will find yourself alone, deep in the wooded site, where fear takes a hold. Should you make it successfully you will return to the outpost.  We’re waiting for you…

Note: Our attraction is not handicap accessible and requires a large amount of hiking.

The QC Haunted Forest will also be offering a beer tent outdoors, snacks, hot and cold beverages as well as a Full Bar.


ROUGH TERRAIN: Walking is involved through the Haunted Forest. This includes up and downhill on uneven surfaces. Please plan accordingly.

CHILDREN: This attraction is not designed for those under 13. While we do not have a formal age restriction, please use your best judgement when bringing kids.

Coronavirus PoliciesPlease Purchase Tickets at Gate
An outdoor walk through attraction.
Open Most Fridays & Saturdays in October: 7pm – 11pm
General Admission: $20



Please Purchase Tickets at Gate
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Haunted Forest.

QCHF has taken several steps to become THE SAFEST

haunted attraction in the area when it comes to potential corona virus spread.

This attraction is outdoors and has been further designed to prevent issues.

  • Masks are recommended but not required. No costumes or costume masks please. We need to be able to tell the actors from the guests at all times for your safety.
  • There will not be indoor waiting this year. Lines will be outdoors and spaced apart.
  • The hayrack will not be part of the experience this year. There will be additional walking to get to the forest so be prepared to get some exercise while getting scared.
  • Close contact/proximity scares that indoors haunts depend on have been limited. There is also very little surface contact with props, rooms, etc to limit potential spread of infection that you may get in a confined haunt.
  • Groups will be separated from each other as best as possible.
  • Please call our office with any additional questions.